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Educational Technology

CUES, in partnership with the UETN and Southern Utah University, is providing an endorsement in Educational Technology.   edtech
Registration for Spring 2023 courses is now open!
Courses are available to all educators, not only to those enrolled in the endorsement.  ANY teacher can take any course at any time it is being offered.  Courses are ideal for networking, content knowledge, graduate credit, and/or relicensure hours!  Click here to see the courses currently being offered by CUES.  Or, check out the highlighted courses below, and clicking the course title will take you to the registration page.  In addition, go to for a listing of all available UEN courses being offered.  Please note that the CUES-taught courses will not be listed on the UEN site, but are private listings and will need to be registered via the corresponding links below.
Are you interested in the Educational Technology Endorsement Program? Submit this form.  More specific information will be sent to you after signing up.  The endorsement signup is ongoing and can be done anytime. Before beginning the endorsement, please complete this Ed. Tech Endorsement Pre-Survey. Upon completion of the ETEP, we ask that you then complete this post-survey.*  Here is the USBE Educational Technology Endorsement Application that will need to be submitted to UEN after completion of all coursework.
The Educational Technology Endorsement Program (ETEP) consists of 18 credit hours: 9 one-credit courses through UEN and 3 three-credit courses from SUU. This endorsement can be completed entirely through online courses, but in-person and Flex (a combination of online and in-person) courses are also available.  Most participants take about 2 years to complete all requirements, though it can be done in a single year.  However, the endorsement must be completed within three years from when it is started.  Courses may be taken with the CUES trainer or any other UEN trainer.  However, courses offered through CUES will only be available to Regional employees and will require an access code or a direct link to register for them, thus eliminating the problem of courses being full.  The highlighted courses below are currently being offered by CUES, and each is linked to the corresponding course registration page.  Or, this link will take you to the CUES Canvas Catalog where you'll also be able to register for courses. To see an outline of the upcoming CUES curses offerings go here.
Educators are increasingly expected to exhibit skills and knowledge of how to effectively use technology to enhance student learning. The UEN Educational Technology Endorsement Program is grounded in the ISTE Standards for Educators and the Utah Effective Teaching Standards. Educators completing the endorsement will have gained these skills and knowledge. Each credit earned in the program translates to a 5000-level graduate credit from SUU, or USBE credit on MIDAS.  Credits can also be used for relincensure hours or salary lane changes.  Coursework can also be applied towards a Master's degree program from Southern Utah University as well.  Continue below for an overview of possible course offerings and requirements.
Course information: Each UEN course counts as 1 credit hour while the SUU courses are 3 credit hours.  The UEN online courses are 6 weeks long and generally don't have a set "class time" to meet, but consist of weekly readings, videos, assignments, projects, and/or discussion posts to complete. On the other hand, the SUU courses are 12 weeks in length, and besides weekly assignments, it does have a weekly hour-long web conferencing component.  An in-person course is two days (15 hours) long, whereas a Flex course is 1 day in person, then 4 weeks online to complete any projects or assignments.  MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) are open enrollment, limited instructor interaction, no due dates. You have until July 31 of each year to complete the MOOC course, but you can complete it as quickly as possible. (So if you enroll on August 1 you'll have a year to complete the course requirements). 
Course registration: Registration for courses can take place anytime, barring the course isn't full, up to the start day of the course.  Courses are on a trimester-type setting, with new courses available for registration beginning August 1 for Fall courses, December 1 for Spring courses, and April 1st for Summer courses.  You'll be able to register for the courses taught by CUES via the link which will be sent to you, or by clicking the course name below.  In addition, you may search here for other courses taught by UEN.  Participants will need a UEN Canvas account, which is different than your district's Canvas instance account) in order to register.
Cost per credit: Excluding the three SUU courses, there is no cost to take any other of the ETEP courses**.  However, if graduate credit is desired from SUU then there is a $21.00 per credit processing fee payable to SUU AFTER the completion of each course.  SUU credit must be purchased for at least three of the UEN courses if continuing with the SUU Masters Degree.  The SUU EDUC courses do carry a $23.00 per credit, $69/course, fee.  In other words, it would only cost $396 for the 18 graduate credits earned through the endorsement.  

For more information on the ETEP please contact Brandon at 435-633-6627 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

SUU Core Courses (Complete 3) - ONLINE

UEN Essentials (Complete 1)

  • EDPD 5065-365 Utah's Online Library: Preschool & Elementary 
  • EDPD 5070-365 Utah's Online Library for Secondary
  • EDPD 5075-365 Utah's Online Library: Research & Resources
  • EDPD 5030-365 College and Career Readiness with UtahFutures (MOOC)
  • EDPD 5514-370 Digital Portfolios for College and Career Readiness
  • EDPD 5100-365 Technology to Improve Student Research
  • EDPD 5513-355 Learning on the Go: Mobile Learning (MOOC)
  • EDPD 5500-375 eMedia: Explore, Create, Collaborate (March 9 - April 19, 2023)
  • EDPD 5115-365 Reimagine Teaching: The Next Steps
  • EDPD 5126-365 Ready for Research: PreK-5 
Digital Citizenship (Complete 1)
  • EDPD 5990-365 Teaching Digital Citizenship 
  • EDPD 5260-390 Developing Digital Detectives 
  • EDPD 5260-388 Digital Empowerment (MOOC)
Online & Blended Learning (Complete 1)
  • EDPD 5355-341 Blended and Personalized Learning
  • EDPD 5355-375 Blended Learning in the Classroom
  • EDPD 5355-370 Blended Learning Methods
  • EDPD 5455-370 Canvas for K-5 Classrooms
  • EDPD 5995-350 Canvas for Online Learning
  • EDPD 5531-370 Elementary Engagement with Canvas
  • EDPD 5598-365 Engaging Online Learning with Canvas 
  • EDPD 5315-365 Getting Started with Canvas LMS (MOOC)
  • EDPD 5065-377 Shifting School Culture with Canvas
  • EDPD 5560-365 Teaching Online
  • EDPD 5015-355 The Perfect Blend: Models, Standards, and Student Choice
  • EDPD 5615-365 Canvas Foundations
Digital Teaching and Learning (Complete 4)
  • EDPD 5620-365 Cloud Classrooms with Chromebooks
  • EDPD 5925-365 Community Mapping (CMaP) Workshop
  • EDPD 5120-365 Create Online Educational Media 
  • EDPD 5285-350 Creating Critical Thinkers Through Coding
  • EDPD 5500-368 Digital Photography in the Classroom
  • EDPD 5900-342 Education and Digital Storytelling (MOOC)
  • EDPD 5590-361 Effective Teaching with Visual Media
  • EDPD 5335-365 Game-Based Learning and Gamification 
  • EDPD 5111-370 Creative Google Skills 
  • EDPD 5100-390Immersive Learning with Breakout EDU 
  • EDPD 5305-345 Mixed Reality for Education
  • EDPD 5950-365 Online Tools for Flexible Formative Assessments 
  • EDPD 5085-365 Project-based Learning: Transform your Class
  • EDPD 5545-365 Sparking Curiosity and Creativity Using Genius Hour
  • EDPD 5361-365 Teaching in VR with Google Virtual Tours
  • EDPD 5305-375 Teaching the 4 Cs Using iPads
  • EDPD 5355-350 The Connected Educator: Develop your PLN 
  • EDPD 5019-365 The Innovative Educator: Makerspaces
  • EDPD 5200-365 The Multimedia Classroom 
  • EDPD 5550-370 Video Creation with iMovie
  • EDPD 5019-390 Escape Boredom with Digital Breakouts
  • EDPD 5111 365 Enhancing Your Canvas Skills 
  • EDPD 5125-365 Mobile Photography in the Classroom
  • EDPD 5361-365 Teaching in VR with Google Virtual Tours
Electives (Complete 2)
  • Any course in any other categories
    • -OR-
  • EDPD 5590-343 Adobe Creative Tools (MOOC)
  • EDPD 5514-365 Apple Teacher iPad Badge (MOOC)
  • EDPD 5026-365 Apple Teacher Mac Badge (MOOC)
  • EDPD 5905-365 Google Certified Educator Level 1 (MOOC)
  • EDPD 5906-365 Google Certified Educator Level 2 (MOOC)
  • EDPD 5590-370 Nearpod Certified Educator (MOOC)
  • EDPD 5315-355 Nearpod Certified Educator: Advanced (MOOC)
  • EDPD 5128-365 Adobe Creative Educator: Level 1
  • EDPD 5129-365 Adobe Creative Educator: Level 2
  • EDPD 5915-365 Lucid for Education
Conference Attendance

Southern Utah University - Master of Education

Continue your education after completing the Educational Technology Endorsement Program.  The SUU College of Education offers a Master of Education Degree, which requires a minimum of 36 credit hours of coursework.  The coursework consists of 24 credit hours of required core courses, 12 credit hours of elective courses, and completion of the ETEP.  The above SUU courses count as elective courses towards this Masters's Degree, and SUU will take three additional hours of coursework from your endorsement in order to fulfill the 12 credit hours of the elective course requirement. All credit hours must be transcribed as SUU credit. Direct further questions on this matter directly to SUU:  Leilani Nautu, Executive Director K12 Programs (435) 865-8081 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.OR Tony Pellegrini, Director of Graduate Studies in Education This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


USBE Educational Technology Endorsement Application (pdf to be submitted after completion of all coursework)

Upon completion of your endorsement, please complete this Post Participant Survey*.  

*We have been asked to gather data on the effectiveness of the ETEP, and we appreciate your honest responses to the pre-and post-surveys.  Note that your name is simply being asked so we can compare pre-and post data, and will not be shared with your school or District.

**There is a $50 charge to take the CMaP workshop but does include a GPS unit for you to keep.  Also, the SUU courses do have required textbooks.  Two of the three courses have the books in .pdf form embedded within the course, however, the other one does not.  But this book will be available in the CUES Overdrive Library. If you'd like a hard copy of any book the price is roughly $25.00.