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102 - Services & Essential Functions Of CUES' Positions

  1. GOAL
It is the goal of the Central Utah Education Services to provide a variety of valuable educational services to the districts in the region. Services provided will vary according to funding sources from state & federal grants, district assessments, the Utah Educational Network and from the Utah State Office of Education.
    1. TECHNOLOGY COORDINATOR – CUES combined the Director and the Technology coordination position.
      The Technology Coordinator provides technology support and assistance to districts within the CUES region. The duties of the Technology Coordinator are part of the responsibilities of the CUES Director position. Technology Coordinator identifies, coordinates, and supports educational technology needs in the CUES region. This person collaborates with district technology personnel on acquisitions, maintenance, and use of technology within the districts served by CUES. The Technology Coordinator provides strategic vision, planning, and coordination for the use of technology to enhance and enable learning within the region and acts as an asset to the technology directors of the seven school districts. This position is funded through the Utah State Office of Education.

    3. The regional network Engineer is the primary network expert. This person acts as essential technical support for the district technology directors who rely on his professional expertise and direction. The regional network specialist designs, manages, operates and supports all network and web services in the CUES region. Working directly with UEN technical support staff, the network specialist assures that regional network services are updated, reliable, secure, and capable of handling continual growth demands. This position is funded through the Utah Education Network, USOE, and local district assessment.

    5. A full-time technology trainer provides a wide variety of technical training and support to teachers in all districts within the CUES area. The trainer also coordinates various grants and works in coordination with other agencies in the State to enhance the use of technology in education. This position is funded through the Utah Educational Network, USOE, and local district assessment.

    7. The regional repair technician operates the computer repair services and provides technical support services to school districts. The technician acts as primary support to district technology specialists in both hardware and software issues in addition to repairing specific individual computers, devices, printers, and peripherals. This position is funded through a base and per student district assessment.

    9. A full-time Executive Secretary – Purchasing Coordinator Works with Executive Director and other CUES team members and assist with projects as requested. This position oversees cooperative purchasing among districts in the CUES region. Prepares 3 group category purchases per year (paper, custodial/PE, general supplies). Oversees receiving of supplies in conjunction with Sevier school warehouse personnel. Meets with key personnel from each district to determine which products will be purchased, based on quality and price. This position is funded through the Utah State Office of Education.

    11. The Media Specialist maintains the region Overdrive library, UEN eMedia, data collection to increase usage of media resources, school media training, and district media directors training. The main aspect of this position is to train teachers and students to transition from traditional media to digital sources.

      CUES provides a service to pick up and deliver curriculum kits, fingerprint machines and damaged and repaired electronic equipment.

      The School Psychologist will function under the direction of the CUES Director as governed by the Special Education Directors of North Sanpete, Sevier, and South Sanpete School Districts. The School Psychologist will work in various schools in North Sanpete, South Sanpete, and Sevier School Districts (transportation provided) as they coordinate with special education teachers to schedule and conduct psychoeducational diagnostic evaluations and ensure compliance with IDEA and Utah regulations. Occasionally, services may be rendered to other CUES districts.